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HomeGround Gladstone is Evolution Facility Management’s flagship property. We have implemented our full suite of service offerings, from a cashless & keyless society, to mitigate the risk of keeping cash on site, through to catering services including an unmatched 4.5 star offerings. We also manage cleaning, laundry, security, leisure facilities, first aid and many other aspects of the HomeGround Gladstone Accommodation Facility.

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Site Information

P: 07 4975 8000  F: 07 4975 8099  E: gladstone.admin@evolutionfm.com.au
A: 101 Calliope River Road, Calliope QLD 4680

Open from:
Breakfast – 4:00am – 8:30am
Crib lunch can be made during breakfast
Dinner – 3:30pm – 8pm

The Fridge
Open from:
4:30pm – 9:30pm


Introduction to Calliope

Decmil Group Ltd have a development currently being constructed with Stage 2 complete – it is a 2265 room accommodation facility to service to mining and infrastructure in the Gladstone region, located at 101 Calliope River Road, Stowe, Calliope.

The general Calliope and Gladstone areas are experiencing an extreme shortage of workers accommodation and the facility is designed to meet this need in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

Calliope is located approximately 20 minutes drive west of Gladstone.

Each individual unit contains a bedroom and ensuite, with an adjacent veranda area. 1 car space is provided for each two units, as well as I large vehicle parking bay per 10 units.

The layout of the site is proposed to provide 1,392 units on the northern side of Calliope River Road, with 720 car space parking area adjacent and to the south of these units, with 70 large vehicle parking spaces provided within this car park.

Between the car park and the accommodation units, a dining hall and commercial kitchen service the facility. Recreation facilities in the form of a swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts are also to be provided on the site during completion of Stage 3 (October 2012).

873 units are proposed in the southern side of Calliope River Road, with 440 car space parking area adjacent and the north west of these units, with 43 large vehicle parking spaces provided within this car park. A single access point is proposed for this southern development area, at a point along Calliope River Road where sight distances are good, and coinciding with the old road alignment in the North West, thus minimizing site works.

Recreation facilities in the form of a swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts are also to be provided in this southern section of the site. These are located just south west of the car park.


Facility Features

All of our accommodations Facilities are to 4 Star Standard:

  • Site Water Treatment Plant
  • Storm Water storage and use facility
  • Onsite Laundries
  • Mess Hall and Wet Mess
  • Community area that can include BBQ’S, Gym and Recreation room
  • Sealed car parks
  • Disabled car spaces
  • Bus drop off zones
  • Concrete Pathways
  • Fully Landscaped gardens


Accommodation Features

All of our accommodation buildings are manufactured to a Class 3 standard and include the following features:

  • Oversized Rooms
  • Queen size bed
  • TV
  • Internet/Austar connection (if applicable)
  • Fridge
  • Ensuite shower and toilet with AAA rated water saving devices in all
  • Air-conditioning
  • Storage cupboard & Free standing safe
  • Structural, Fire and Sound Proof Standards
  • Veranda’s